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    We're doing a short 25% off sale on the first volume of Aikonia!

    The offer ends on April 30th, 2014 at midnight MST and is only available for the first 100 sales. We also reduced shipping prices so, if the prices were holding you back in the past (and you were super jealous that all your other friends had their own copies), now would be your chance to get a copy of your own!

    The comic also includes an exclusive 5-page mini-comic about an event in Solaris and Ariel's page. You will also receive a PDF that contains the original report that Cyril delivered to the council on Page 7 and Katie Tiedrich's original sketches for the entire first chapter of the comic! The PDF will be immediately downloadable after your purchase to hold you over until you receive your physical copy :)

    Check out the sale right now: http://gum.co/aikonia/salefornoreason
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    Chapter 5, Page 15 is up!
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    Doug SavageMon 12:13 am | Savage Chickens
    Who will be the next Easter mascot?
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    Bruce EvansApr 08, 2014 | The Joy of Tech
    It's all the fashion...
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    Doug SavageApr 08, 2014 | Savage Chickens
    While researching this comic, I discovered that condors are creepy-sounding birds. So you aren't likely to ever see a CD called Soothing Sounds of the Condor...
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