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    Thank you.  That was very helpful.
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    Bruce EvansTue 5:11 pm | The Joy of Tech
    New JoT has booted...
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    JkunTue 6:57 am | Crazy Sunshine
    Hildibrand & Gilgamesh & Odin, oh my!
    The final set of quests ending 2.0's Hildibrand saga came to a close, and went out with a bang! It felt like I was watching a movie most of the time!  I was so engrossed I forgot to take any screenshots, but to keep you free of spoilers I'll only discuss th...
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    JkunTue 6:42 am | Crazy Sunshine
    Dingalings II
    Strawberry was made to walk the plank by Jhul and his crotch. Shiny weapon glitch dance party! Jhul sniffs Strawberry's butt for the last time.
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    JkunTue 6:39 am | Crazy Sunshine
    Dungeon Darlings
    Esquire is back with some new members, tackling these new Patch 2.5 dungeons like never before! Talk about a blast to the past! Wanderer's Palace makes it's triumphant return to high level content as players must now extinguish a new threat! No, not Tonberr...
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    JkunTue 6:21 am | Crazy Sunshine
    Patch 2.5 & The World of Darkness
    Patch 2.5 landed last week and as always brought with it a plethora of changes and a truckload of new places to visit, items to obtain and adventures to be had! The biggest addition was World of Darkness, the final chapter of the Crystal Tower saga, rewardi...
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    Doug SavageTue 12:15 am | Savage Chickens
    A debilitating allergy...
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