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1Ask Roseville High, We’re making a book out of this blog, y’know!.@Taeshiaskbcb.tumblr.comAug 26, 2012retweet
1Ask Roseville High, OH BOY IT’S REALLY HAPPENING I HOPE YOU LIKE CAT@Taeshiaskbcb.tumblr.comAug 24, 2012retweet
1Bittersweet Candy Bowl: Starting Over by Veronica Vera — Kickstarter@Taeshikickstarter.comAug 23, 2012retweet
1Ask Roseville High@Taeshiaskbcb.tumblr.comAug 21, 2012retweet
1Ask Roseville High@Taeshiaskbcb.tumblr.comAug 18, 2012retweet
1Rob Talks - I ask this, not in any way excusing or condoning...@Taeshirobwmay.tumblr.comAug 17, 2012retweet
1Cat in the class.wmv - YouTube@Taeshiyoutube.comAug 14, 2012retweet
1Cat Cafe 'Neko Cafe Club' in Tokyo. Munchkin & Scottish Fold - YouTube@Taeshiyoutube.comAug 13, 2012retweet
3Ask Roseville High@Taeshiaskbcb.tumblr.comAug 11, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Taeshi: Meow 10, 2012retweet
1Total Eclipse of the Heart Literal Video Version (REFRAMED) - YouTube.@Taeshiyoutube.comAug 05, 2012retweet
1Ask Roseville High@Taeshiaskbcb.tumblr.comAug 04, 2012retweet
1Ask Roseville High@Taeshiaskbcb.tumblr.comJul 30, 2012retweet
1Neuroscience Art Gallery: Art by Psychotics. Louis 29, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Taeshi: Fresh lemonade NGGGGHHGH t ...@Taeshitwitter.comJul 28, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Taeshi: @Miupix edible characters? ...@Taeshitwitter.comJul 28, 2012retweet
1Ask Roseville High@Taeshiaskbcb.tumblr.comJul 15, 2012retweet
1Ask Roseville High@Taeshiaskbcb.tumblr.comJul 08, 2012retweet
1Taeshi Diary@Taeshitaeshidiary.tumblr.comJul 06, 2012retweet
1Ask Roseville High, OOC: I just wanted to say that I really do...@Taeshiaskbcb.tumblr.comJul 05, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Taeshi: I really really want you s@Taeshitwitter.comJul 01, 2012retweet
1Taeshi Diary@Taeshitaeshidiary.tumblr.comJun 30, 2012retweet
1T*na - chii24: tinachan90: yummy~ TINA WHY IT’S...@Taeshitinachan90.tumblr.comJun 29, 2012retweet
1Wait What?@Taeshidrkingsley.tumblr.comJun 25, 2012retweet
1Image #6243 (Abbey Daisy David Dummy_(Artist) Lucy Mike Paulo) - Candy@Taeshibittersweetcandybowl.comJun 23, 2012retweet
1Image #6236 (Daisy David Lucy Paulo Plusook_(Artist) crossover excelle@Taeshibittersweetcandybowl.comJun 22, 2012retweet
13D Doritos - YouTube@Taeshiyoutube.comJun 17, 2012retweet
1Samurai of Insight, Can’t help but resist uploading this Taeshi comi@Taeshiseppukrow.tumblr.comJun 17, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Taeshi: $10 watercolour supanova c@Taeshitwitter.comJun 15, 2012retweet
1Game Center CX 64 - Sonic the Hedgehog.avi - YouTube@Taeshiyoutube.comJun 14, 2012retweet
1Taeshi Diary@Taeshitaeshidiary.tumblr.comJun 08, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Taeshi: Official victory meal for@Taeshitwitter.comJun 08, 2012retweet
1In Brief: British 5-year-old Analyzes Logos - Brand New@Taeshiunderconsideration.comJun 06, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Taeshi: I don't think they're very@Taeshitwitter.comJun 05, 2012retweet
1Taeshi Diary@Taeshitaeshidiary.tumblr.comJun 02, 2012retweet
1Video: Hundreds of sheep 'rain' down on motorway after truck accident 01, 2012retweet
2Veronica Vera - Twitvid@Taeshitwitvid.comMay 31, 2012retweet
1Echidna Makes Love to Bat@Taeshinewgrounds.comMay 31, 2012retweet
1Kid Safety Tips - YouTube@Taeshiyoutube.comMay 27, 2012retweet
1The Dangers of Discount Taxidermy | 27, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Taeshi: My darling @SuitCase874 is@Taeshitwitter.comMay 25, 2012retweet
1RileyAV@Taeshidoodleav.tumblr.comMay 24, 2012retweet
1CreepCreep@Taeshicreepygross.tumblr.comMay 14, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Veronica Vera: Oh my darling @SuitCase874 ...@Taeshitwitter.comMay 11, 2012retweet
1did munnalita have baby image search results@Taeshigal1.piclab.usMay 11, 2012retweet
1Vandal's Life (Sad, Shitty truth.)@Taeshivandalslife.tumblr.comMay 10, 2012retweet
1Ask Shrinky Dink!, I want you to understand a number of things....@Taeshiaskshrinkydink.tumblr.comMay 09, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Veronica Vera: The only juice this contai ...@Taeshitwitter.comMay 05, 2012retweet
1Ask Roseville High, buttart: askmisstess: ((Askbox is open! All...@Taeshiaskbcb.tumblr.comMay 05, 2012retweet
1Ask Tess@Taeshiaskmisstess.tumblr.comMay 05, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Veronica Vera: Sisjrhrbfjdheje goddurn ha ...@Taeshitwitter.comMay 02, 2012retweet
1Ask Roseville High, Don’t worry, the answers will resume eventually.@Taeshiaskbcb.tumblr.comMay 01, 2012retweet
1go away whitey@Taeshisocialjusticechampion.tumblr.comApr 28, 2012retweet
1Wake Up America - Jon McNaughton - YouTube@Taeshiyoutube.comApr 28, 2012retweet
1One Nation Under Socialism - Jon McNaughton - YouTube@Taeshiyoutube.comApr 28, 2012retweet
1Cats on Vimeo@Taeshivimeo.comApr 27, 2012retweet
1Borderline Personality Disorder: Sick, or just crazy asshole? | A Voic@Taeshiavoiceformen.comApr 20, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Veronica Vera: Her continual experimentat ...@Taeshitwitter.comApr 07, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Veronica Vera: New haircutttttt thanks to ...@Taeshitwitter.comApr 07, 2012retweet
1SIMPLE THINGS@Taeshifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.tumblr.comApr 06, 2012retweet
2 24, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Veronica Vera: Quality Draw Something clu ...@Taeshitwitter.comMar 21, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Veronica Vera: This ibis is letting me pe ...@Taeshitwitter.comMar 19, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Veronica Vera: Even at a Sexpo, you can't ...@Taeshitwitter.comMar 17, 2012retweet
1Lily's Butt Art - MISNOMER by Lily Hoyda This is a short comic I...@Taeshibuttart.tumblr.comMar 16, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Veronica Vera: I might be done? http://t. ...@Taeshitwitter.comMar 09, 2012retweet
1Lily's Butt Art - This is a gift for my beloved bro, Taeshi, who...@Taeshibuttart.tumblr.comMar 09, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Veronica Vera: I have to get you done ton ...@Taeshitwitter.comMar 09, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Veronica Vera: Plotting is just the worst ...@Taeshitwitter.comMar 08, 2012retweet
1An interesting survey - NOW WITH ANSWER KEY. - Bittersweet Candy Bowl @Taeshibittersweetcandybowl.comMar 07, 2012retweet
1Cat Facts@Taeshicatfacts.orgMar 07, 2012retweet
1An interesting survey. - Bittersweet Candy Bowl Forums@Taeshibittersweetcandybowl.comMar 06, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Veronica Vera: Okay wow way to not credit ...@Taeshitwitter.comMar 05, 2012retweet
1I Hope Rick Santorum...@Taeshiihopericksantorum.tumblr.comMar 03, 2012retweet
1Lupin Gifs, From Series 2, Episode 44@Taeshilupingifs.tumblr.comMar 02, 2012retweet
1The PA Report - Sexual harassment as ethical imperative: how Capcom’@Taeshipenny-arcade.comFeb 29, 2012retweet
1 29, 2012retweet
1YouTube - EAT THE HELL@Taeshiyoutube.comFeb 29, 2012retweet
1YouTube - Pikachus voice actor (english subtitles)@Taeshiyoutube.comFeb 26, 2012retweet
1artofmalemasturbation: Loving Couples our Theme...@Taeshisearcher2cr-erotica.tumblr.comFeb 25, 2012retweet
1Boogie boogie hedgehog. [VIDEO]@Taeshiwimp.comFeb 25, 2012retweet
1YouTube - Bump of Chicken - [K]@Taeshiyoutube.comFeb 23, 2012retweet
1 23, 2012retweet
1 22, 2012retweet
1Taeshi Diary@Taeshitaeshidiary.tumblr.comFeb 20, 2012retweet
1 17, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Veronica Vera: This place has a bunch of ...@Taeshitwitter.comFeb 13, 2012retweet
1 12, 2012retweet
1 09, 2012retweet
1taeshilh on deviantART@Taeshitaeshilh.deviantart.comFeb 05, 2012retweet
1Ask Roseville High, We always appreciate fanart!@Taeshiaskbcb.tumblr.comFeb 04, 2012retweet
1Taeshi Diary@Taeshitaeshidiary.tumblr.comFeb 02, 2012retweet
1The Other Side - Terrifying Sculptures by Mark Jenkins Imagine...@Taeshitheoverworld.tumblr.comFeb 02, 2012retweet
1I'mma come at you like a spider monkey@Taeshimrs-nessbit.tumblr.comJan 31, 2012retweet
1Lupin Gifs@Taeshilupingifs.tumblr.comJan 31, 2012retweet
1 28, 2012retweet
1Ask Roseville High, Lisa's Art Basket: Lucy Plush@Taeshiaskbcb.tumblr.comJan 26, 2012retweet
1Twitter / Veronica Vera: Mia's having fun on Austra ...@Taeshitwitter.comJan 25, 2012retweet
1Happy Chinese New Year by ~KamikazedelBVH on deviantART@Taeshikamikazedelbvh.deviantart.comJan 23, 2012retweet
1Image #5448 (Abbey Daisy David Jasmine Lucy Mike Paulo Sue Tess kamika@Taeshibittersweetcandybowl.comJan 23, 2012retweet

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