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1Grand old party News, Video and Gossip - Jezebel@dresdencodakjezebel.comAug 27, 2012retweet
1Troy and Abed in Engineering@dresdencodaktroyandabedinengineering.tumblr.comAug 27, 2012retweet
1Geordi and Data exchanging looks.@dresdencodakgeordianddataexchanginglooks.tumblr.comAug 27, 2012retweet
1Confirmed: New Green Lantern Baz Is Arab-American - ComicsAlliance | C@dresdencodakcomicsalliance.comAug 27, 2012retweet
1 25, 2012retweet
1gamma-girl: amberblade: Enrique Fernandez is... | Indistinguishable Fr@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 25, 2012retweet
1Traditional Chinese Martial Arts - YouTube@dresdencodakyoutube.comAug 24, 2012retweet
1A Motown Tribute to Avril Lavigne - YouTube@dresdencodakyoutube.comAug 24, 2012retweet
1People can be oversensitive, sure, and I think a... | Indistinguishabl@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 24, 2012retweet
1Do you sometimes get the feeling people get offended by too many thing@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 24, 2012retweet
1Empire State Building Shooting: Multiple Wounded After Gunman Opens Fi@dresdencodakhuffingtonpost.comAug 24, 2012retweet
1dean trippe | moonbase a (postcardsfromspace: I really hate the Idiot @dresdencodakdeantrippe.tumblr.comAug 23, 2012retweet
1 22, 2012retweet
1YouTube - Eggwave@dresdencodakyoutube.comAug 22, 2012retweet
1Is Melchior’s Dark Science symbol the inverse of the rising sun symb@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 20, 2012retweet
1marlomeekins: I made this for my character... | Indistinguishable From@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 20, 2012retweet
1If we don’t build the land, somebody else will and... | Indistinguis@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 19, 2012retweet
1Hi Aaron, I know there might be an obvious answer to this but at what @dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 17, 2012retweet
1francois schuiten - Google Search@dresdencodakgoogle.comAug 17, 2012retweet
1StickyKeys - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@dresdencodaken.wikipedia.orgAug 17, 2012retweet
1Q&A Megapost! | Indistinguishable From Magic@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 16, 2012retweet
1YouTube - Bagua freestylin or float like a Butterfly@dresdencodakyoutube.comAug 16, 2012retweet
1New storage nanoparticle could make hydrogen a practical fuel | Kurzwe@dresdencodakkurzweilai.netAug 16, 2012retweet
1In what context/meaning does Vonnie suggest that Kim be her “date”@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 15, 2012retweet
1Is there anything you can’t do? | Indistinguishable From Magic@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 15, 2012retweet
1Are we ever going to see the twins again? | Indistinguishable From Mag@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 15, 2012retweet
1What is your favorite dinosaur and why? Does your love of dinosaurs tr@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 15, 2012retweet
1Do you practice any martial arts? | Indistinguishable From Magic@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 15, 2012retweet
1Do you share Kim’s views expressed in Hob regarding the idea that if@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 15, 2012retweet
1If some of the characters in Dark Science have been planned for so lon@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 15, 2012retweet
1Do you have any interest in doing comics besides Dark Science? Like su@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 15, 2012retweet
1What do you think is your favorite way to start the day? Morning routi@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 15, 2012retweet
1Hello Mr. Diaz. I just wanted to take a moment and say how much I enjo@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 15, 2012retweet
1Poll Watch: Paul Ryan pick doesn't give Romney a bounce - 15, 2012retweet
1Paul Ryan Wondering If He Should Have Told Romney About This Guy He's @dresdencodaktheonion.comAug 15, 2012retweet
1Dresden Codak » Archive » Hob #24 - The Mediator@dresdencodakdresdencodak.comAug 14, 2012retweet
1City at the End of Time - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@dresdencodaken.wikipedia.orgAug 14, 2012retweet
1Paul Ryan and the Influence of Ayn Rand : The New Yorker@dresdencodaknewyorker.comAug 14, 2012retweet
1Why Oak Creek Isn't Being Treated as a Tragedy for All Americans : The@dresdencodaknewyorker.comAug 14, 2012retweet
1YouTube - Wudang kung fu - Mysterious Fist form - 武当玄武拳 - Xu@dresdencodakyoutube.comAug 13, 2012retweet
1YouTube - Anti-intellectualism!@dresdencodakyoutube.comAug 13, 2012retweet
1Why indeed. | Indistinguishable From Magic@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 13, 2012retweet
2Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science@dresdencodakrdfrs.comAug 12, 2012retweet
1 12, 2012retweet
1Why not speak at the next Singularity Summit? | Formspring@dresdencodakformspring.meAug 10, 2012retweet
1Do you think Ray Kurzwell is too optimistic in his predictions on how @dresdencodakformspring.meAug 10, 2012retweet
1I thought I remembered you saying previously that Vonnie worked in the@dresdencodakformspring.meAug 10, 2012retweet
1In the most recent installment of Dark Science, Vonnie mentioned that @dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 10, 2012retweet
1Hello, Mr. Diaz. I just created a tumblr account to ask you questions.@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 10, 2012retweet
2lexxercise: A certain webcomic artist turned 29... | Indistinguishable@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comAug 09, 2012retweet
2Dresden Codak » Archive » Dark Science #20 - The Department of Taste@dresdencodakdresdencodak.comAug 09, 2012retweet
1Space Age Planet - Celia Hammond by Ronald Traeger, Vogue UK, 1967@dresdencodakspace-age-planet.tumblr.comAug 09, 2012retweet
1Criticism of the Space Shuttle program - Wikipedia, the free encyclope@dresdencodaken.wikipedia.orgAug 08, 2012retweet
1George McCready Price - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@dresdencodaken.wikipedia.orgAug 08, 2012retweet
1How the Most Epic Mars Mission Gets Turned into a Viral Ad, in One Ore@dresdencodaktheatlantic.comAug 08, 2012retweet
2Saturn’s moon Enceladus holds promise of alien life | The Raw Story@dresdencodakrawstory.comAug 07, 2012retweet
1Romney Stuck In Endless Loop Of Uncomfortable Chuckling | The Onion - @dresdencodaktheonion.comAug 06, 2012retweet
1Hugh Herr - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@dresdencodaken.wikipedia.orgAug 06, 2012retweet
1Space: Top 5 Cases For Martian Life : Video : Discovery News@dresdencodaknews.discovery.comAug 06, 2012retweet
1Twitter / MSL_101: Now that the image has leaked ...@dresdencodaktwitter.comAug 06, 2012retweet
2Space-Aged • discoverynews: This is a great photo. The newest...@dresdencodakspace-aged.tumblr.comAug 06, 2012retweet
1Geology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@dresdencodaken.wikipedia.orgAug 06, 2012retweet
1Mars Science Laboratory: NASA's New Mars Rover Sends Higher-Resolution@dresdencodakmars.jpl.nasa.govAug 06, 2012retweet
1Europa (moon) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@dresdencodaken.wikipedia.orgAug 06, 2012retweet
2Life on Mars - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@dresdencodaken.wikipedia.orgAug 05, 2012retweet
13D printed exoskeleton lets little girl with arthrogryposis raise her @dresdencodakslate.comAug 05, 2012retweet
1YouTube - GRUM - Through The Night@dresdencodakyoutube.comAug 05, 2012retweet
1Wing-Assisted Incline Running and the Evolution of Flight « Nimravid@dresdencodaknimravid.wordpress.comAug 04, 2012retweet
1KFC Loves Gays with John Goodman from John Goodman, Mike Rose, NickCor@dresdencodakfunnyordie.comAug 03, 2012retweet
1National Same Sex Kiss Day at Chick Fil A | Facebook@dresdencodakfacebook.comAug 02, 2012retweet
2Ocean Heaven (2010) - IMDb@dresdencodakimdb.comAug 02, 2012retweet
1Tim Kreider: Freedom to Fear: Is The Gun Industry Selling A Fantasy?@dresdencodakhuffingtonpost.comAug 02, 2012retweet
1 01, 2012retweet
1YouTube - Robot Jox Fight Scene (Achilles vs Alexander)@dresdencodakyoutube.comJul 30, 2012retweet
1水道橋重工@dresdencodaksuidobashijuko.jpJul 30, 2012retweet
3Sauron - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@dresdencodaken.wikipedia.orgJul 30, 2012retweet
1mckelvie: Anne Hathaway takes no sexist question... | Indistinguishabl@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comJul 29, 2012retweet
1Voter Fraud - 29, 2012retweet
1Dresden Codak » Gallery@dresdencodakdresdencodak.comJul 29, 2012retweet
3Social Waste Product - slumberblues: batchix: rinacat:...@dresdencodakswegener.tumblr.comJul 29, 2012retweet
1Monsieur Hulot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@dresdencodaken.wikipedia.orgJul 28, 2012retweet
1The Gordon House by Frank Lloyd Wright ~ Home Page@dresdencodakthegordonhouse.orgJul 26, 2012retweet
1Daily Kos: Justice Scalia and Gun Control Laws@dresdencodakdailykos.comJul 26, 2012retweet
1Gun Control - 26, 2012retweet
1Hoard of Crusader gold found in ruins: Researchers uncovers trove of g@dresdencodakphys.orgJul 26, 2012retweet
1Toba catastrophe theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia@dresdencodaken.wikipedia.orgJul 26, 2012retweet
1Twitter / @dresdencodakt.coJul 26, 2012retweet
4What do you do after Chris Nolan’s trilogy? ART... | Indistinguishab@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comJul 25, 2012retweet
1leupagus: toughtink: who is this woman?! she’s... | Indistinguishabl@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comJul 24, 2012retweet
1 23, 2012retweet
1 23, 2012retweet
1Seth Shostak From SETI: We WILL Find Aliens In Space | Singularity Hub@dresdencodaksingularityhub.comJul 23, 2012retweet
1Transparent solar cells for windows that generate electricity | Kurzwe@dresdencodakkurzweilai.netJul 23, 2012retweet
1 22, 2012retweet
1"Red Planet" (1994)@dresdencodakimdb.comJul 22, 2012retweet
1Family Matters Carl transforms into a nerd like Steve Urkel - YouTube@dresdencodakyoutube.comJul 21, 2012retweet
1U.S. most armed country with 90 guns per 100 people| Reuters@dresdencodakreuters.comJul 20, 2012retweet
1Words to live by. | Indistinguishable From Magic@dresdencodakdresdencodak.tumblr.comJul 20, 2012retweet
1Opportunity runs the first martian marathon@dresdencodakphys.orgJul 20, 2012retweet

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