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1laurbits (Inspiration will come to those who can master...)@laurbitslaurbits.tumblr.comAug 28, 2012retweet
1laurbits (‎”The secret of life is to have a task, something...)@laurbitslaurbits.tumblr.comAug 26, 2012retweet
1My cousin’s kitchen. One of my last sketches... | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comAug 26, 2012retweet
1Living room in Colorado Springs | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comAug 25, 2012retweet
1laurbits (OH MY GOD.)@laurbitslaurbits.tumblr.comAug 24, 2012retweet
1laurbits (explore-blog: “Inspiration and work ethic – they...)@laurbitslaurbits.tumblr.comAug 24, 2012retweet
1Sweet Melissa’s cafe in Laramie, Wyoming | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comAug 24, 2012retweet
1Apt in Hayward & a Pleasanton parking lot | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comAug 23, 2012retweet
1Hayward Farmer’s market scenes | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comAug 22, 2012retweet
1Quickly at Hesperian. | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comAug 21, 2012retweet
1A kiss for daddy, and then perhaps a scratch too far: Heartwarming 21, 2012retweet
1Living room at the home of N’s sister. | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comAug 20, 2012retweet
1Polterguys,Vol. 1: Nathan Go,Laurianne Uy: Kindle Store@laurbitsamazon.comAug 19, 2012retweet
1How does a display stand work? | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comAug 19, 2012retweet
1laurbits (Dapper doggie~! @laurbitslaurbits.tumblr.comAug 19, 2012retweet
1laurbits (3a. Learn to accept praise. I know, I know, when...)@laurbitslaurbits.tumblr.comAug 18, 2012retweet
1Island Pacific in Union City | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comAug 18, 2012retweet
1preezerk: Videogame Companies are your friends. - PENGIE'S SHIT@laurbitspengiesama.tumblr.comAug 18, 2012retweet
1laurbits (TV’s year of Kickass Women! @laurbitslaurbits.tumblr.comAug 18, 2012retweet
1In n out refreshments area. | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comAug 17, 2012retweet
1Driving around LA. | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comAug 14, 2012retweet
1laurbits (Steve Albini lays it out for a failed X-Factor contestant)@laurbitslaurbits.tumblr.comAug 13, 2012retweet
1Polterguys Vol. 1 PDF on Gumroad@laurbitsgumroad.comAug 13, 2012retweet
1laurbits (Mistakes are proof that you are trying.)@laurbitslaurbits.tumblr.comAug 12, 2012retweet
1On the streets. | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comAug 12, 2012retweet
1Polterguys Vol. 1 Review on More... | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comAug 11, 2012retweet
1At Porto’s | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comAug 11, 2012retweet
1Atul Gawande: Failure and Rescue : The New Yorker@laurbitsnewyorker.comAug 10, 2012retweet
1At eagle rock plaza and an alley behind Staples | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comAug 10, 2012retweet
1Outside Teriyaki Me, an ole lunchtime favorite. | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comAug 09, 2012retweet
1BAM! A Comic Book Store That Looks Like a Comic BookBOOK RIOT@laurbitsbookriot.comAug 08, 2012retweet
1Laur Uy | Society6@laurbitssociety6.comAug 08, 2012retweet
1Heck Yeah Tumblr Challenges!: 30 Day Drawing Challenge | Laur's Sketch@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comAug 07, 2012retweet
1Sketches from the past few weeks. Apparently, I... | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comAug 06, 2012retweet
1Popular Omg Must Have Books@laurbitsgoodreads.comAug 05, 2012retweet
1Polterguys Vol. 1 | GetGlue@laurbitsgetglue.comAug 05, 2012retweet
1laurbits@laurbitslaurbits.tumblr.comAug 03, 2012retweet
1laurbits (Success consists in being successful, not in...)@laurbitslaurbits.tumblr.comAug 02, 2012retweet
1Oni Press@laurbitsonipress.comAug 01, 2012retweet
1GeekMom Comic Book Corner -- August 1st, 2012 | GeekMom | 01, 2012retweet
1Review: Polterguys Vol 1 by Laurianne Uy and Nathan Go – For the Gee@laurbitsmangamaniaccafe.comJul 31, 2012retweet
2Interview with Laurianne Uy, Creator of Polterguys – For the Geek in@laurbitsmangamaniaccafe.comJul 30, 2012retweet
1Can you make any kind of living as an artist? | Culture | The 29, 2012retweet
1laurbits (faitherinhicks: My boyfriend found these on...)@laurbitslaurbits.tumblr.comJul 29, 2012retweet
1 27, 2012retweet
1Twitter / @laurbitst.coJul 26, 2012retweet
1Community's Dan Harmon Fox Pilot - TVLine@laurbitstvline.comJul 25, 2012retweet
1laurbits (Awesomeness. Joss Whedon is a trooper. “Scary...)@laurbitslaurbits.tumblr.comJul 25, 2012retweet
23DAY MOVING SALE From July 24-26, enter... | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comJul 25, 2012retweet
1BREE and SIMON pins! @laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comJul 25, 2012retweet
1Twitter / megthebrennan: perfect likeness http://t. ...@laurbitstwitter.comJul 24, 2012retweet
2Polterguys - manga about a nerdy girl and cute ghost boys | laurbits.c@laurbitslaurbits.comJul 24, 2012retweet
1Explore – The secret of happiness, in a simple flowchart....@laurbitsexp.lore.comJul 24, 2012retweet
1 24, 2012retweet
1Feel Like You're Faking It? That Might Not Be a Bad Thing@laurbitslifehacker.comJul 24, 2012retweet
1 24, 2012retweet
1laurbits (RPG Lady Armor)@laurbitslaurbits.tumblr.comJul 23, 2012retweet
1The Power of the Cliffhanger : The New Yorker@laurbitsnewyorker.comJul 23, 2012retweet
2Polterguys: My Awesome Comic Book Find from Anime Expo | Beatique@laurbitsbeatique.netJul 23, 2012retweet
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1Little Bets: A New Theory of Creativity and Innovation@laurbitsbrainpickings.orgJul 22, 2012retweet
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2Women in comics and the tricky art of equality | Hero Complex – movi@laurbitsherocomplex.latimes.comJul 21, 2012retweet
1Blog Post: Polterguys is now on Amazon Our little... | Laur's Sketchbl@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comJul 21, 2012retweet
1Finally…Publishers Weekly publishes BookScan graphic novel bestselle@laurbitscomicsbeat.comJul 21, 2012retweet
1 21, 2012retweet
3 20, 2012retweet
1Photo from my printer friend. COME TO MEEEEE! | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comJul 20, 2012retweet
1Some people have been giving me fun prompts.... | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comJul 19, 2012retweet
1 19, 2012retweet
1Event Detail - Hammer Museum@laurbitshammer.ucla.eduJul 18, 2012retweet
1Kickstarter Stats to Consider » Comics Worth Reading@laurbitscomicsworthreading.comJul 17, 2012retweet
1laurbits (loveyoulexaloo: ianbrooks: Real Life Flemish...)@laurbitslaurbits.tumblr.comJul 16, 2012retweet
1 16, 2012retweet
1What Are You Reading? with Megan Lavey-Heaton | Robot 6 @ Comic Book R@laurbitsrobot6.comicbookresources.comJul 16, 2012retweet
1Community Creator Dan Harmon Removed as Showrunner - 15, 2012retweet
2Cloudy with a chance of e-books: Big upgrade for Glendale and Pasadena@laurbitsdailynews.comJul 15, 2012retweet
1space coyote dot com . gallery@laurbitsspacecoyote.comJul 14, 2012retweet
2Book giveaway for Polterguys, Vol. 1 by Laurianne Uy Jul 12-Jul 19, 20@laurbitsgoodreads.comJul 14, 2012retweet
1MANGA AUDITION | NOW ACCEPTING APPLICANTS!@laurbitsmanga-audition.comJul 14, 2012retweet
1 14, 2012retweet
1Firefly cast and Joss Whedon reunite 10 years later at Comic-Con: Live@laurbitshitfix.comJul 13, 2012retweet
1Twitter / JaneEspenson: Tiny Wash curses sudden bu@laurbitstwitter.comJul 13, 2012retweet
1LOOK MA, WE’RE ON GOODREADS! :D Giving away 1... | Laur's Sketchblr@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comJul 13, 2012retweet
1Anne Browning Walker: Why Smart Women Read Romance Novels@laurbitshuffingtonpost.comJul 12, 2012retweet
1sign up@laurbitsgoodreads.comJul 12, 2012retweet
1iVerse Starts Their Own Comics-Specific Crowfunding (Think Kickstarter@laurbitscomicsbeat.comJul 12, 2012retweet
1laurbits (YES. YES. YES. :D )@laurbitslaurbits.tumblr.comJul 12, 2012retweet
1Paperbeatsscissors@laurbitspaperbeatsscissors.tumblr.comJul 12, 2012retweet
1Republic City Dispatch • Yes, Korra Is Getting Books 3 & 4@laurbitsrepubliccitydispatch.comJul 11, 2012retweet
2Polterguys Vol. 1’s Kickstarter is over.  Video... | Laur's Sketchb@laurbitsartlaurbits.tumblr.comJul 11, 2012retweet
1Print Express | Comic Book 11, 2012retweet
18 Year Old Girl: What Brave Means to Me | Dr. Jennifer Shewmaker@laurbitsjennifershewmaker.comJul 11, 2012retweet
1Welcome to StickerYou@laurbitsstickeryou.comJul 10, 2012retweet
1Is Kickstarter the #2 Graphic Novel Publisher?@laurbitspublishersweekly.comJul 10, 2012retweet
1 10, 2012retweet
1The Truth@laurbitsthetruthapm.comJul 09, 2012retweet
1Silver and gold discovered by experts in record £10million Jersey 09, 2012retweet
1Sinbad: Watch The Trailer - Sky1 09, 2012retweet
1Polterguys Blogger Kit - a set on Flickr@laurbitsflickr.comJul 08, 2012retweet

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